devinsupertramp – Everything is Awesome! Best of Devinsupertramp 2017

Everything is Awesome! Best of Devinsupertramp 2017

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Music by Con Bro Chill. These guys are INCREDIBLE! Download their song from the video here:

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Film by Teamsupertramp, which consist of Devin Graham, Carter Hogan, Tyson Henderson, Zane O’gwin, and Brandon Hoffmann
Edit by Devin Graham

Filmed on the Red Helium camera in 6K and 8K. With the DJI Inspire 2 and Phantom 4pro as well. Selfie shots captured with the GoPro5.

All the smooth shots on the ground (not drone), were captured with the Devin Graham signature series glidecam, more info here:

A few of the videos that appeared in this years best of were filmed this year, but not released this year, so you’ll see a couple sneak peeks to some other projects that will be coming out over the next 6 months 🙂

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